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A Little About Me

What do I teach

NRA and USCCA Certified. I love teaching the Mindset behind How to Live Confidently everyday.

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Where Do I Teach

My Home State is Georgia, but I also travel teach across the US.

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Why Do I Teach

Why, Why do I spend my time (and yours) working with you to understand Firearm Safety and Responsibility? I believe we all have the choice To Live a Confident Life.

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Our Foundation


Who We Are

We are just people. People who Believe that Firearm Safety and Responsibility come first. 

People that believe you can only gain CONFIDENCE through Education.

NRA Certified Instructors and RSO's

USCCA Certified Instructors and Training Counselors.


What We Do

We work to help each individual gain Confidence with their Firearm. 

Everyone learns differently. It is our goal to connect with our students individual learning so that they come away Strong, Knowledgeable and Confident.


How can we help you

Classes We Offer:

Basic Firearm Fundamentals

Rifle and Shotgun Fundamentals

Firearms, Training beyond the Paper

USCCA Conceal Carry Classes

USCCA Instructor Classes

Staying Situationally Aware


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